Mr. Scruff playlist feat. DJ J-Boogie and more!

Mr. Scruff @ Public Works 8/16Enjoy at work! *May or may not improve productivity*

We just rounded up some awesome tunes so you don’t have to. Aren’t you excited for Mr. Scruff’s marathon set? We’ve selected a few of our favorite songs to help you pregame for this epic performance. Mr. Scruff will throw down the vinyl rarities downstairs while some of SF’s finest Scruffheads – J. Boogie, Platurn, Dj Dials and Motion Potion – will hold down the loft! Listen here:

All the good stuff happens on 8/16 at Public Works SF

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New PLAYLIST! Put your headphones on and enjoy the blissful tunes

CRUSH: Blockhead, Elaquent and Yppah Playlist Your brain needs a pick-me-up, we deliver.

When we make promises, we like to come through! Here’s that playlist we told you about. To be honest, it’s super chill and amazing and you need to be mentally prepared for this. We especially love the Nina Simone mix/mash up from Blockhead. Don’t miss them at The Chapel on 9/13. Listen here:

Check out their pages to learn to more:

Sunset Shines On The Vestry

VestryToday Sunset Shines on The Chapel’s restaurant, The Vestry. It’s is a Mission destination in its own right. The restaurant’s seasonal menu is influenced by cuisine from regions of France, Italy and the Mediterranean. The bar incorporates a range of spirits, house-made syrups and fresh ingredients to create exceptional handcrafted cocktails. We love The Vestry because their food is not only delicious but their location is so convenient for an outstanding array of live music next door at The Chapel. Also, they do a damn good brunch and bottomless mimosas. Don’t miss The Real BlockheadElaquent and Yppah at the Chapel on 9/13. 

Peruse their menu here:

CRUSH: Blockhead, Elaquent and Yppah

Blockhead @ The Chapel

Sunset SF presents a Ninja Tune extravaganza

As if one Ninja wasn’t enough, SunsetSF is proud to present an uplifting evening with the elusive beat maestro Blockhead. Though he has provided beats for Def Jux artists like Aesop Rock, Blockhead is more than just a hip-hop producer. His ethereal soundscapes speckled with sexy beats and lush hip hop instrumentals go far beyond what most conventional hip-hop aspires to. Armed to the teethon his new collaboration with rapper MarQ Spekt, Blockhead will blow your mind at The Chapel. Canadian producer Elaquent will be joining the party with his famous smooth, soulful style blended with off-kilter, brokenbeats and futuristic boom bap instrumentals . Yppah chills the soul with a sensual mix of downtempo electronica, and washed out atmospheric landscapes. Grub down and pregame at The Chapel’s restaurant, The Vestry - here’s the menu.

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And stay tuned – we’ve got a Blockhead Elaquent Yppah playlist coming your way later this week!

Sunset Shines On Yppah


Joe Corrales Jr. takes the name and shape of Yppah (pronounced “Yippah”) to create lush mix of beautiful electronica, breakbeat drums and samples with washed out melodies. Sunset loves Yppah’s ability to evoke a memory and veil your eyes with sweet nostalgia. He draws on his electronic music, psychedelic soul and rock influences to create ethereal soundscapes that capture our ears and our imagination. We want to shine a light on Yppah for his uniquely blended tunes that include a variety of techniques including guitars mixes, massive reverbs/delays, keyboards/synthesizers, live drums, and other techniques! We can’t wait to see him live at The Chapel on 9/13 with Blockhead and Elaquent!

Listen here:
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CRUSH playlist feat. Green Velvet and more!

CRUSH: Green Velvet, Gorgon City, DJ Icey, The Scumfrog @ Public Works SF
Here are our favorite tunes!

We just made you a playlist for our CRUSH party on 8/9 featuring Green Velvet, Gorgon City and DJ Icey joined by the psychedelic  grooves of The Scumfrog! After last year’s sold out Plump DJs / Krafty Kuts blowout, we had to pull out all the stops and get FOUR headliners to make your night! Don’t forget to visit Silent Frisco outside!

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Sexy, sweaty, six hour Scruff set!

Mr. Scruff @ Public Works 8/16


Mr. Scruff comes to town! 

Mr Scruff swims through currents like a ninja tuna. Known for extended sets of the rarest vinyl, Scruff will play a SIX HOUR set at Public Works on August 16, kicking off to an empty house at 9pm and playing until the sweat drenched masses fall down at 3am. Along the way you may hear every type of music under the sun, all from wax, and all expertly mixed by one of the most uncompromising perfectionists ever to stand behind the decks. Scruff will reconfigure entire DJ booths, rebuild turntables, and EQ a club sound system, all during sound check. Then for 6 hours he will reprogram our minds. Oh yeah, and he will design his own posters in that “Potato Style” stick cartoon fashion that has brought comedy to dance music since he began his journey. Supporting him are some of SF’s finest Scruffheads, including J.BOOGIE, PLATURN, DJ DIALS and ROBBIE “MOPO” KOWAL.


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Sunset Shines On Diego’s Umbrella



Our intern talks to Diego’s Umbrella about their tour, protein shakes and near death experiences!

How has the tour been so far?
Every day is a new experiment, wherein each member of the band is both Scientist and his own Subject. The scientist adds or subtracts a given amount of sleep/pills/food/booze/sex/laughter/rage/apathy/etc and logs the results.

Are there any crazy stories you want to tell us from the tour ( insert German ponies and magical llamas stories here)?
One word: Protein Shakes.

What was it like putting “Proper Cowboy” together? 
It was like a near-death experience without the white light.

Has the tour inspired any new material while you’ve been on the road? 
It has inspired me to create a new series of self-help flip books. We also have some new music.

Anything you’d like to add?
We would just like to say thank you to the wonderful people of San Francisco for all of their support over the years!


We’ll always support good music! Big ups to these guys for making time for us during their tour!

Listen HERE
Learn more HERE


Today Sunset Shines On High Cliffs


High Cliffs are bringing a whole new steez to the City’s live music scene. Armed to the teeth with an unrelenting blast of keys, maniacal vocals, and frenetic drums, High Cliffs is quickly establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with. They’ll be bringing their unique brand of epic psychedelic dance punk to the 50 Mason Social House this Friday (6/6) and it is assured that anyone who is lucky enough to catch them will be moved and moved.

Get the details for the show here!


This Single is Worthy..


Worthy just dropped his latest single and it’s freaking sweet! This isn’t at all a departure from the Dirty Bird Records regular who has been very consistent in producing quality tunes. What we like about the track is how Worthy creates a low key but well crafted ambient house track. If we are fortunate enough to hear him play it Friday at Mighty it’ll just spill out onto the dance floor real well. It’s deep and frankly sexy. Wherever he sampled that vocal track from too is great, very much a throwback to something you might hear in Detroit or Chicago in the early days of house. If you’re in the bay area be sure to come by Mighty tonight where Worthy will be opening up for mainstay Krafty Kuts, sure to be a great show!